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We’ve created a new custom cPanel plugin that lets you compare your current folders and files against any of the multiple backups we provide.  You can easily see at a glance what folders and files have been altered, and you … READ MORE

We’ve created a custom plugin for cPanel that provides an alternate file manager interface (based on elFinder).  It’s available to everyone, just look for this icon in the Files section of your cPanel interface. elFinder provides an interface that is … READ MORE

We are happy to announce that we have added the Softaculous Application Installer to our cPanel servers. “Softaculous is a great auto installer having 394 great scripts, 1115 PHP Classes and we are still adding more. Softaculous is ideal for Web … READ MORE

Islandhosting is happy to announce that we now provide FREE SSL certificates from the Let’s Encrypt project. You can request and install an SSL certificate for your domain that is recognised by all major browsers within 15 seconds with just a … READ MORE

As a CloudFlare Optimized Partner, we are thrilled to offer the CloudFlare Railgun™ technology to all our customers  for free. Railgun is CloudFlare’s latest performance optimization technology that gives you significant improvements in site load times. To activate Railgun, log … READ MORE

We are happy to announce that we’ve added more than 500 additional TLDs (Top Level Domains) to choose from when registering a new domain. We’ve also written a custom domain search tool that makes finding the right domain faster and … READ MORE

Long before PHP existed, we ( created our own custom programming language for creating web applications.  It is called M-Script II (MS2).  Although PHP (and Ruby, Python, and many others) have since come along and are much more modern and … READ MORE

We’re excited to announce that our customers can now rely on us for all of their SSL needs. We’ve partnered with some of the most recognized and respected Certificate Authorities (CAs) in the industry like Symantec, VeriSign, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, … READ MORE

We are happy to announce that we have added PHP 7.0 Beta to our range of PHP versions available in our shared hosting plans. While not recommended for production sites, it’s available for testing for those that want it. You … READ MORE

It’s now even easier to generate referrals and earn money with our affiliate program! Normally you’d have to create links to our site on your web pages that include your affiliate id, but now you can also create your own coupon … READ MORE