cPanel Update to 11.50

We’re happy to announce that we have updated cPanel to version 11.50 on all our shared hosting servers.

Version 11.50 brings many new features and bug fixes, all of which you can read about here if you’re so inclined.

But two major enhancements are worth describing here:


“It’s spam protection magic!”

Greylisting can greatly reduce the amount of spam you get by temporarily declining new messages from unrecognised senders and asking the sending server to try again in a few minutes.  Other than a short delivery delay the first time someone new emails you, it’s generally unnoticeable.  It works because a lot of the spam out there is coming from servers that don’t bother to try again.

Greylisting is enabled by default for all domains on Islandhosting.  You can disable/enable it on a per-domain basis in your cPanel interface.  Look for this icon in the E-mail section:

Synchronized Calendar & Contacts

This feature lets you sync your calendar and contacts on multiple devices (iPhone, Android, Max, PC, etc) through your cPanel account. For setup information look for this icon in the E-mail section of your cPanel interface:

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