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One of the things folks commonly have to deal with when switching web hosts is moving existing e-mail from one host to another.  You might have years worth of messages in multiple folders on your old host that you want to bring with you to your new host.

There are a few ways to do this, but we just made it easier with our custom-written plugin for cPanel called IMAP Sync.

IMAP Sync lets you enter the details for a source and destination IMAP server and it does the rest, copying folders and messages from the source to the destination.

While this was designed mainly for new customers who are moving their services to islandhosting, it can be used to copy e-mail between any two servers, even if neither of them are at Islandhosting (but be aware that the process will consume your bandwidth, and twice as much if both IMAP accounts are external).

To find the tool, log into your cPanel account and look for this icon:


Normally you’ll just need to enter the IMAP host name, username, and password for the source and destination mailboxes.  For special cases you may also have to enter an alternate port number, encryption setting, authentication method, etc.

If you have to interrupt the copy for any reason, it’s safe to start it again.  It will skip any messages that have already been copied.

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