M-Script II Support

Long before PHP existed, we (Islandnet.com) created our own custom programming language for creating web applications.  It is called M-Script II (MS2).  Although PHP (and Ruby, Python, and many others) have since come along and are much more modern and better at what they do, we still have a large number of customers who are using MS2 for shopping baskets, guestbooks, and so on.

We were not originally planning on supporting MS2 on Islandhosting, but due to the large number of people who still use it we’ve changed our minds.

So MS2 is now supported on Islandhosting (along with all the ready-made scripts like the shopping basket).  Note that in order to use it in your Islandhosting accounts you’ll need to ask us to place a copy of the MS2 interpreter into your account first, but after that any of your existing script should work.

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