FTP Access

The standard port 21 is used for plain FTP connection to us, port 22 for SFTP. But there are different methods to connect to web servers via FTP:

Method 1

- Use your cPanel username and password and connect to the server you are using,  example:

Method 2

- Use your cPanel username and password and connect to your domain name that is pointed at an

Acquiring your Cpanel credentials:

- After logging into islandhosting, go to the account menu and click My Services.

islandhosting account menu - my services

- Once on your services page, click view details

Islandhosting My services Page - View Details

On this page you will find the server name (Just add " to the end of the server name) or the server IP, your Cpanel username and password. You may also use your primary domain as a hostname to connect to.

Islandhosting service details - server name and credentials

Method 3

- Create an FTP account in cPanel and point it to the folder you want it to come in on when you connect,  if you want to give it access to all files in the account put /


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