Increasing, or decreasing your upload_max_filesize in php settings.

This tutorial starts off inside cPanel. If you are not in your services cPanel Please reference this guide.

Once on your main cPanel screen as seen below, use the quick search at the top right for select php version. Or scroll to the software section and click select php version.

cPanel Home-Select PHP version

Next you will need to select a php version other than native 5.6, If you are unsure, select 5.6 and click set as current.

Change PHP version-open PHP options

After this click switch to php options, go to max_upload_filesize clicking the amount will allow you to toggle through the various filesizes. Once selected click apply, then click save.

php options-upload_max_filesize

Once you have completed your large upload/project, it is advised to keep this setting as low as your sites functionality requires. you can even use it as a hardening measure. This is handy in the event your site has any kind of user uploading.

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