TLD TypeGeo
Technical providerIIS
Reg levels offered
Local Presence Requirements
Name length (excluding TLD)2 to 63
Term1 to 10
DNS requirements2 to 8
Whois Privacy availableN
Domain locking availableN
IDNs availabledan, dut, fin, ice, ita, nor, spa, swe
Explicit renewalY
Auto-renew by defaultN
Auto renew date 30
Renew/Let Expire setting2
Grace periodN
Redemption period60
TransfersNo charge, no change
Authcode requiredY
Available in Test environmentY
Registry premiums allowed
Applicable registry premium group(s)
TLD policies
Additional informationIndividuals must submit ID card number; organizations must submit business registration number. Organizations based outside of Sweden must also submit VAT-ID.