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cPanel DNS Editor

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This plugin provides an alternative file manager (<a href="" target="_blank">elFinder</a>) that is more like the file managers that Windows, Mac, and Linux users are used to.
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Thie is a simple cPanel plugin that accepts a word or phrase from the user and displays the encrypted version of it using many different encryption methods. It is useful for generating passwords for .htaccess files, for example.
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File Count
A plugin for cPanel that simply lists all folders in an account and how many files/subfolders each contains.
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Google Safe Browsing
This plugin will check all domains on a cPanel server against Google’s Safe Browser database to see if any of them have been flagged as being unsafe. When run as a CGI (by clicking on it in the Plugins section of WHM) it performs a lookup and displays a table of all domains and their current status (including domains with an ‘ok’ status). When run from the command line, it will email the server’s contact address with a list of domains that are not in an “ok” state. This is suitable to be run daily in a cron.
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A cPanel interface to the imapsync utility that allows users to transfer e-mail and folders from one IMAP server to another.
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Network Tools
A cPanel plugin that provides the user with network tools like ping, dig, traceroute, and more.
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