$ 5.00 CAD One Time
A cPanel interface to the imapsync utility that allows cPanel users to transfer e-mail and folders from one IMAP server to another.

File Count


A simple plugin for cPanel that shows users how many files and subfolders are in each folder of their account.



Thie is a simple cPanel plugin that accepts a word or phrase from the user and displays the encrypted version of it using many different encryption methods. It is useful for generating passwords for .htaccess files, for example.

Network Tools


A cPanel plugin that provides the user with network tools like ping, dig, traceroute, and more.



This plugin will check all domains on a cPanel server against Google’s Safe Browser database to see if any of them have been flagged as being unsafe.

When run as a CGI (by clicking on it in the Plugins section of WHM) it performs a lookup and displays a table of all domains and their current status (including domains with an ‘ok’ status).

When run from the command line, it will email the server’s contact address with a list of domains that are not in an “ok” state. This is suitable to be run daily in a cron.


$ 5.00 CAD One Time
This plugin provides an alternative file manager elFinder that is more like the file managers that Windows, Mac, and Linux users are used to.