cPanel IMAPSYNC tool developed a plugin for cPanel to allow you to Sync mail from one email account to another,  be it from another hosting provider or another email account hosted at,  it will allow syncing from free mail accounts like Google's GMAIL as well.

The tool can be found in the cPanel under the Email section and will allow you to enter a source section where you enter the source IMAP host, port, username, and password for the mailbox you want to copy messages from and the destination where you enter the destination IMAP host, port, username, and password for the mailbox you want to copy messages to.

You have the option to simulate a sync before you attempt to do it for real and the output of the command is displayed in a window,  if you simulate it and see it connect sucessfilly to both servers then do it for real and you will see folders and messages syncing over.

If you navigate away fron the tool window during a sync in progress the job will continue in the background and you can go back and if its still running you will see it continuing,  Once a sync is completed either log into webmail or go to your mail client that is configured to use IMAP and connect to the destination server and you should see the email that was synced over.

You may have to subscribe to folders on webmail or the email client.  

IMAPSync will not sync over address books.

To access it, log into your cPanel account and look for this icon in the "Email" section and follow the instructions.

imapsync IMAP Sync

The plugin communicates with the imapsync linux command developed by Gilles Lamiral, Thank you Gilles for such an awesome commandline tool.
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